Meet Our Champions: Chris Curtis (Crate Modified Division)

Driver: Christopher Curtis
Nickname: Double C
Hometown: East Canaan, CT
Date of Birth: 3/5/99
Car Number: 35
Division: Sportsman / Crate Modified
Married/Single: Single
Favorite Food: Mac n’ cheese
Hobbies/Interests Outside Racing: Snowmobiling, hunting and fishing
Started Racing: Go carts (2013) / Sportsman division (2014)
Career Accomplishments: 1st Championship at The Ridge (2017)! 
Crew Members: Father (Hugh Curtis Jr.), Grandfather (Hugh Curtis, Sr.), Robbie Albreada, Trevor Neely, Kevin Massey, Justin Keefner, and Duncan Jenny
Sponsor(s): Lindell Fuels, C&C Plumbing & Heating, Laurelbrook Natural Resources, Jay’s Lawn Care, Canaan Auto and DIG Race Products, and PMC Race Cars

How did you get started in racing?

Jonathan Routhier got me started in go carts and Jeff Watson got me started in Sportsman.


Who was your favorite driver growing up?

Andy Bachetti.


Who is your biggest influence in your racing career?

My father Hugh. 


What is your favorite moment of your racing career?

Winning the track championship at Glen Ridge!


What is your least favorite moment in your racing career?

When I destroyed my first race car in Middletown, NY in my rookie year. That was a tough one.


Who would you consider your biggest rival ( past or present)?

There are so many great drivers in our division that I’d say they’re all my rivals.


Who challenges you to be a better driver on and off the track?

Once again, My father Hugh.


If you could absorb knowledge from one legend in the sport, who would it be and what would you like to learn from them?

Rocky Warner definitely. I like how well he can read a track and make the right changes to his car no matter what track he’s at.


Did you ever compete in any other sport and how did you do?

I played hockey for five years while in grade school and I was pretty competitive.


Looking back on this past season how do you feel it went and did you meet your goals?

I’m pleased with our accomplishments during the 2017 season. We won a race, a championship and we still have all of our cars.


They say good drivers set achievable goals each season. What are your racing goals for 2018?

We are planning to run the KOD series this year and are hoping to finish in the top 10 in points.


If you could say some words of encouragement to your fans, what would they be?

For all my young fans, I’d say the track is a great place to grow up. If you’re interested in becoming a driver, start by joining a team changing tires, fueling the car, washing, etc. Establish relationships with other drivers and ask questions, so when you’re ready to get behind the wheel you’ll be competitive. Don’t give up, you’ll have bad nights, but stick with it.