2017 Crate Modified Handicapping Points Based On Last 3 Finishes

DriverCar #8/6/178/13/178/27/17Total
Rob Maxon969714099336
Jim Introne Jr.9x95160100355
Alissa Cody11115115180410
Whitey Slavin35w94100300494
JaMike Sowle71127599140514
Ricky Quick76200180160540
Chris Curtis35160200200560
Harry Shaffer II1h400120115635
Brian Calabrese21c120400225745
Dave Constantino798300400798
Chad Edwards379998750947
Kurtis Hohensheldt54h110110750*970
Jeremy Pitts271807501201050
Don Bellen66750*2251101085
Tim Hartman Jr.227502752751300
Joe Orlando81896750*750*1596
Ken Conroy44750*97750*1597
Reggie BonnerG750*750*981598
Mike Peek6w100750*750*1600
Jack Lehner2140750*750*1640
Bobby Hackel IV97225750*750*1725
Rocky Warner1j300750*750*1800

2017 Limited Sportsman Handicapping Points Based On Last 3 Finishes

DriverCar #8/13/178/20/178/27/17Total
Kathy Bellen77200180225605
Vinny Visconti9300275200775
Mikey Jackson1h225200400825
Marty Kelly III21275300300875
Taylor O'Connor99750*1401601050
Dave Richer3184004007501550
Larry Niemic14120750*750*1620
John Linblade42750*750*1401640
Travis Billington14b140750*750*1640
Gary DeRocher10b750*160750*1660
Justin Edwards99e160750*750*1660
Mike Parodi30180750*750*1680
Bill August 507507501801680
Lou Torres00750*225750*1725
Anthony Alger19750*750*2751775

2017 Pro Stock Handicapping Points Based On Last 3 Finishes

DriverCar #8/6/178/13/178/2717Total
Jason Samrov24v180275275730
Kyle Hoard78275300225800
Justin Knight8k2004004001000
Dennis Joslin8e160750*1201030
Matt Roberts8r750*2001601110
Ivan Joslin942251407501115
Gus Hollner715300120750*1170
Devon Camenga110750*160750*1640
Jeff Meltz51750*180750*1680
George Miles07750*750*1801680
Chuck McSpirit57750*750*2001700
Luke Horning2h7507503001800
Nick Stone27n400750*750*1900

2017 4-Cylinder Mini Stock Handicapping Points Based On Last 3 Finishes

DriverCar #8/13/178/20/178/27/17Total
TJ Marlitt369998115312
Wayne Russel Jr.54115120200435
Chris Andrew00d100140275515
Zach McSpirit4140200180520
Pat McSpirit29300275300875
Shawn Morrison44s750*100120970
Robert Garney88g120115750*985
Dale VanAllen0750*97140987
Chris Burnett9716099750*1009
Damon Anderson88225110750*1085
Robert Handy21r180180750*1110
Colby Shepler10s750*1602251135
Allana Jordan24s200225750*1175
Andy Graves16750967501595
David Frame91750*750*1601660
Cole Lawton83400750*750*1900
Steve Ryan4r750*7504001900

2017 Sling Shot Handicapping Points Based On Last 3 Finishes

DriverCar #8/13/178/29/178/27/17Total
Dan Ballard22m180180275635
Jim Gaige33g225225200650
Scott Sprague10200160300660
Mike Hill227504004001550
Brian Tobey Jr.013002751000*1575
Bryce Cherko14b750*1407501640
Spencer Cherko12750*750*2251725
Brett Putnam6b275750*750*1775
Shane Mahieu4750*300750*1800
Jim Pollard574007501000*2150

2017 Jr Sling Shot Handicapping Points Based On Last 3 Finishes

DriverCar #8/13/178/20/178/27/17Total
Blake Mahieu44275275275825
Garrett Poland40g300225300825
Conner Hill22225300400925
Sloan Cherko10750*2002251175
Derrick McGrew Jr.26400400750*1550
Matthew Backus52m7507507502250
  • Any driver not in attendance gets credited with 750 Handicapping Points, which is the same as a 1st place finish.
  • * = Denotes A Now Show or Absent.
  • Anyone who has 3 consecutive no shows will be removed from handicapping listing and treated and start tail of handicapping.
  • Any driver disqualified for a mechanical infraction will receive 1000 handicapping points.